The Men
Who is it for?

Mojo is for men who are in distress and affected by employment issues. They must be motivated to make changes to their lives. Many men attending Mojo are unemployed for a variety of reasons including: a lack of availability of jobs in their related fields, poor physical or mental health and providing care to a family member.

The Programme
What training is offered?

The training programme combines a unique mix of mental health, adult guidance, physical fitness and social networking methodologies that afford men the opportunity to explore the following: how to be and stay well, barriers to achieving their goals and desires and how to plan for their future.

The Outcome
What Men can expect?

The intended outcome is that men create a more positive future for themselves and their families. Through the programme, participants are supported to reflect on past experiences and explore current options in order to develop a plan that supports them to have their ‘Mojo’ intact.

Men Participated in Mojo Programmes
Number of Programmes
Return on each €1 Investment
Men at Risk in Ireland today

The number of men engaging with Mojo is increasing on a weekly basis as we roll out our training programmes. There is such a high demand for places, we’ve had to develop a Mini Mojo programme which we run over four weeks. Mini Mojos give men a taste of what the 12 week programme is like while they are waiting for a place or for some men who would like a kick start to finding their Mojo.

Mojo men are also doing it for themselves by organising male spaces, with a little support from the Mojo team, to continue connecting with other men. For information on the Male Spaces, contact the Mojo Project Manager.

In South Dublin, we are running our 13th Mojo Training Programme and 4th Mini Mojo. In Kildare we are running our 3rd Mojo Training Programme and our 4th Mini Mojo. In Offaly and North Dublin our first training programmes will take place in January, 2017 – it takes at least six months to build a Mojo Project before we engage our first group of men.

An external evaluation analysis found that for every €1 of investment Mojo returns between €4.26 and €4.96 in social value (this is a conservative estimate)

In 2014, 4,006 men made a total of 5143 presentations to hospitals with self harm (National Suicide Research Foundation). Men account for 46% of those presenting to hospitals. Mojo is working to engage these men and others who may be at risk, but have not sought help. Collectively, we are working towards encouraging men to seek support before they reach crisis point .

Mojo Programmes

Mojo Offaly

The pilot for Mojo in Offaly was completed in 2017. Since then, Mojo Offaly continues to thrive while Helping Men To Help Themselves.

News from the Front

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Mojo Programme Launch

Minister Kathleen Lynch recently launched the Programme in Tallaght.

Mojo South Dublin

The Mojo Programme was initially piloted in South Dublin (Tallaght). This photo gallery will share an insight into the day-to-day running of this programme.

Participating Organisations