Mojo National Office

The Mojo National Office is supporting the development of Mojo Projects across Ireland.

Currently, there are four Mojo Projects; Mojo Kildare, Mojo South Dublin, Mojo North Dublin and Mojo Offaly with other projects in the process of being developed.

Our vision is to have 20 Mojo Projects by 2020.

The Mojo Projects facilitate training programmes that transform the lives of men by working with them to:

Build their mental and physical fitness.

Develop their ability to set goals and create future plans.

Build social connections.

Derek McDonnell is the Programme Director. With funding from the National Office for Suicide Prevention he is working with multiple organisations to upscale Mojo Projects across Ireland. You can contact him by email derek@mojo.ngo  or on 087 66 00 872.

Organisational Structure

Mojo Projects are autonomous entities which are managed by a host agency and guided by an interagency advisory group  working in partnership at a local/district level.

The Mojo Projects are connected to each other through the Mojo National Office, which is strategically guided by an Interagency Steering Committee (ISC) made up of, statutory, non statutory and private sector representatives from mental health, social inclusion, primary care, men’s health, and business. Mental Health Ireland (MHI) is supporting  Mojo to develop its capacity to become a national programme. Mojo is operating under MHI’s governance and financial structures. The operations of the Programme are managed by a Programme Director who is supported by a Business Administrator.

  • Carol Conway | Chair
  • Patrick McDermott | Secretary
  • Daniel Morris | Director
  • Susan McFeely | Director
  • Derek McDonnell | Chief Executive Officer
  • Veronica O’Keane | Mental Health Advisor to the Mojo National Office
  • Darach O’Ciardah | Medical Advisor to the Mojo National Office