Evaluation of Mojo Kildare

Mojo Kildare Final Evaluation Report

JULY, 2016

Keenaghan Collaborative

Mojo Kildare was developed in response to the particular needs of Kildare in relation to men’s mental health provision. Mojo Kildare is a well-planned and researched pilot initiative building on the experience of previous Mojo pilots and contributing to the development of Mojo nationally as a successful programme aimed at men in distress, motivated to make changes to improve their lives.

Following successful evaluations of Mojo in South County Dublin, the HSE NOSP funded the development of the Mojo Kildare pilot to run two cycles of the programme between January 2015 and May 2016.

The goal of the evaluation was to assess the effectiveness and impact of the Mojo Kildare pilot programme.